ANIPLEX+ 1/8 Gilgamesh


ABS & PVC painted finished product, 1/8 scale, dedicated pedestal included. About 340mm tall

Eligible Return customers may purchase this figure for Php 12,600 during pre-order.

Pre-order deadline:February 13, 2020
Release: September  2020
ETA: October 2020
Required down payment:Php 500 (Return cutomers: Php 0)
Full payment due:September 15, 2020

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How …? interesting. Is it my statue?

From the TV anime “Fate / Grand Order-Absolutely Beast Front Babylonia-”, the Uruk king Gilgamesh is three-dimensional! A wise king sitting on the throne and staring here. The dwelling that makes you feel the dignity in the play has been completely reproduced by the hands of the prototype teacher.
He has a keen eye for the future, and he is kind enough to watch over the people.
You can’t miss out on the details of the outfit and the tight body hidden underneath.

The luxury “Throne” also reproduces the size of the play. An extraordinary special pedestal with a total height of about 34cm is
suitable for receiving the dignity overflowing.

Please enjoy this masterpiece filled with the king’s dignity at your fingertips.*

*This is a machine translation

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