ANIPLEX+ 1/8 Lord El-Melloi II


ABS & PVC painted finished product, 1/8 scale, dedicated pedestal included. About 235mm tall

Eligible Return customers may purchase this figure for Php 8,600 during pre-order.

Pre-order deadline:January 3, 2020
Release: October 2020
ETA: November 2020
Required down payment:Php 500 (Return cutomers: Php 0)
Full payment due:October 15, 2020

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–This is the stage where I fight now.

In Fate / Zero, the boy, Waver Velvet, ran through the 4th Holy Grail War together with the Conqueror Iskandar. Over time, the boy inherited the name of Lord Hermeloy, and as “Lord Hermeloy II”, confronted various magical and mysterious incidents in the main tower and clock tower of the magicians. From the story of the mixed story of mystery and fantasy, sorcery and mystery, “Lord Ermelloy II’s case book”, which is unfolded on the stage of the TYPE-MOON world, “Magic World”, Lord Elmerloy II is a figure.

Dust air, scent of cigarettes, eyebrows engraved between the eyebrows and eyes staring into the distance, and modeling reminiscent of standing in the UK are by the prototype teacher [Nanako]. The expression that makes me feel sorrow takes the eyes of those who look at it while standing simple. The highlights include windy hair and jackets that feel the wind. The clothes that look like a coordinating coordinate are gathered up in a chic style that seems to be an English gentleman with the texture of the fabric and a delicate color balance.
Delivered with “Canvas Board” drawn by character design [Jun Nakai].
Please have a look at the details that are intricately detailed.

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