FuRyu 1/7 Rem -Hanfu-FuRyu 1/7 Rem -Hanfu-FuRyu 1/7 Rem -Hanfu-FuRyu 1/7 Rem -Hanfu-FuRyu 1/7 Rem -Hanfu-FuRyu 1/7 Rem -Hanfu-FuRyu 1/7 Rem -Hanfu-

FuRyu 1/7 Rem -Hanfu-


Specification: Painted 1/7 scale figure. Approximately 240 mm in height.

Eligible Return Customers may Pre-Order this figure for Php 16,550 during the pre-order period.

Pre-order deadline:June 28, 2021
Release:December 2021
ETA:January 2022
Required down payment:Php 1,000 (eligible return customers: Php 0)
Full payment due:December 15, 2021

See order process, payment options and terms and conditions here.

Available on: 2022-01-15

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From “Re: Life in a Different World from Zero”, Rem is made into a figure in the traditional Chinese costume “Hanfu”!

F: NEX original design Hanfu is made of clear material and has transparency and lightness, as well as glitter and elegance, and is as beautiful as a celestial maiden. Have a REM wrapped in noble beauty.

Hanfu based on light blue is F: NEX original design. The transparent outfit made of clear material is finished in a high-quality beauty with lightness that dances in the wind, and glitter and elegance.

Hair ornaments and small items such as lanterns carried in the right hand are also carefully shaped and painted to make the REM even more beautiful.

A light look, a costume with glitter and elegance, and a beautiful REM from any angle.

*This is a machine translated description

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