Kaitendo 1/7 Kurumi TokisakiKaitendo 1/7 Kurumi Tokisaki04Kaitendo 1/7 Kurumi TokisakiKaitendo 1/7 Kurumi TokisakiKaitendo 1/7 Kurumi TokisakiKaitendo 1/7 Kurumi TokisakiKaitendo 1/7 Kurumi Tokisaki

Kaitendo 1/7 Kurumi Tokisaki


Specification: Painted 1/7 scale figure. Approximately 235 mm in height.

Eligible Return Customers may Pre-Order this figure for Php 11,450 during the pre-order period.

Pre-order deadline:May 13, 2021
Release:August 2021
ETA:September 2021
Required down payment:Php 500 (eligible return customers: Php 0)
Full payment due:August 15, 2021

See order process, payment options and terms and conditions here.

Available on: 2021-09-15

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From the popular anime Date A Live, Kurumi Tokisaki is coming from Kaitendou.

Kurumi gives a feeling of floating by the pedestal, and the elegant skirt that spreads softly is also made with particular attention to the wrinkles. In addition, we are particular about the shape and expression of the twin tails, and express a bewitching expression even in the smile.

The geared clock with abundant golden color that imitates the emperor Zaphkiel is boldly placed to fully enhance the presence of Kurumi. Please enjoy Kurumi, who has been particular about every detail, at your fingertips.

*This is a machine translated description

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