Megahouse Charm Patisserie Series Jujutsu Kaisen [Set of 6]


Specification: Approximately 45 mm each; ; Sold as set only; Subject to MOQ

Eligible return customers may Pre-Order this figure for Php 2,100  during pre-order.

Pre-order deadline:January 24, 2022
Release: June 2022
ETA: July 2022
Required down payment:Php 500 (eligible return customers: Php 0)
Full payment due:June 15, 2022

See order process, payment options and terms and conditions here.

Available on: 2022-07-15

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From Jujutsu Kaisen comes a selection of characters joining the Charm Patisserie series! Each of the charms are decorated in the style of cookies!

Each charm comes with a chain so it can be attached to pouches, straps or anything else that needs a cute Jujutsu Kaisen touch.

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