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[REISSUE] Kaiyodo Figure Complex Amazing Yamaguchi No.018 Izuku Midoriya – My Hero Academia


Specification: Approximately 150 mm in height

Pre-order deadline:May 17, 2021
Release:September 2021
ETA:October 2021
Required down payment:Php 500 (return customers: Php 0)
Full payment due:September 15, 2021

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Available on: 2021-10-15

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From the hit TV Anime “My Hero Academia” the protagonist Izuku Midoriya makes a grand entrance!

The hero suit which has received several upgrades during the series, and the new “shoot” fighting style he developed to reduce the strain on his repeatedly injured arms are featured in this figure.

The parts added to the basic green suit such as the protectors and arm supports // along with the most unique feature, the spiky armor of the iron sole of the boots that gives the legs a rustic feel recreated with the design means there is lots to see. You can also enjoy the action of Midoriya leaping around and attacking with powerful kicks, in other words his “shoot style” of fighting, thanks to the high mobility gimmicks of the figure that Katsuhisa Yamaguchi helped achieve.

In addition to this is comes with effect parts can can be attached freely to the figure to recreate Midoriya using “One-for-all Full Cowl”. American comic style writing effect sheet is included so it can be enjoyed without missing any the hero-candidate Deku’s efforts.

The dynamic actions are achieved by combining ball joints with Yamaguchi style articulation.

-Izuku Midoriya’s characteristic image is accurately brought as seen in the series to the figure including the costume detail.
-The option parts let you even recreate a scene of him talking to self.
-The 2 types of “SMASH!!” onomatopoeia effects can be added to match the pose’s action.

Set Contents
-Main figure
-Optional face part x2 (Angry, Smiling)
-Optional hand part x6
-Optional eye part x8
-Full Cowl effect front hair part
-Full Cowl effect part (Green) x10
-Full Cowl effect part (Pink) x2
-Onomatopoeia sheet x3
-Onomatopoeia effect holding part

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