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Revoltech Evangelion Evolution Eva-01 Test type Natayanagi ver.


Eligible returning customers may get this figure for Php 3,600 during pre-order.

Pre-order deadline:August 25, 2019
Release:Decmeber 2019
ETA:January 2020
Required down payment:Php 500 (Return customers: Php 0)
Full payment due:December 15, 2019

Available on:2020-01-15

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  • Complete reproduction with completely new modeling! 
    Very popular! Three-dimensional version of the first special edition of the Evangelion and Japanese Sword Exhibition [Tsubono Tono version] written in the national patrol exhibition!


    The “Evangelion and Japanese Sword Exhibition” is held nationwide from the first exhibition in 2012 to 2019. 
    Designed by Mr. Yamashita for this exhibition, the swordsman, Yukihei Miyairi, and others produced “Tatino Rei -NATAYANAGI-“. It is a gem that will be representative among the exhibited works.


    The first machine drawn with this sword is three-dimensional for the first time in EVANGELION EVOLUTION! Katsuhisa Yamaguchi has created a detailed model of the entire body details, including a wa armor with a Japanese design reminiscent of samurai armor and parquet. 
    As for the coloring, I went to Yamashita who wanted an image that had never existed in Eva, and was supervised by Mr. Yamashita.


    Of course, the “Tatsuno Rin” is also three-dimensionalized as a hand-held weapon, creating an elegant curve, and reproducing the display stand designed with the main body. 
    Samurai swords characterized by a long handle and a blade with a large warp at the tip are said to have been used as a practical armament during the Sengoku period. 
    The combination of the first machine that allows for dynamic posing with Yamaguchi’s movable and a large swing Tono, is the best package for an action figure. 
    Please enjoy the dynamic battle scenes such as swinging up, pushing and cutting!


    ・ The first machine created by Katsuhisa Yamaguchi based on a single illustration is the latest Eva mode. 
    Eva’s unique proportions that look slender and have a firmness, but this time the balance of the lower body is particularly striking, producing a powerful pose with Tono Rin .


    -The long-armed armament with many variations in posture is a subject that shines even more in action figures. 
    In addition to the dynamic posing with the Yamaguchi movable that makes use of it, the ease of play through the combination of the ball joint and the movable shaft reflects the latest evolution of Katsuhisa Yamaguchi.


    -The sword “Tono Kaoru” was completed by the hands of many craftsmen who specialize in various parts such as sharpening, woodworking, lacquering, metalwork, and pattern winding, as well as Mr. Miyairi Kozaemon Yukihei who launched the blade. Even in three-dimensionalization, as a subject that is aligned with the EVA body, not the accessories, it has been carefully crafted up to precise workmanship.


    ・ Body color that was painted in sumi-e style in the original illustration. 
    When I went to Yamashita who was supervised, Mr. Yamashita asked me to finish with an image like never before, and it became a metallic color with a reduced tone. 
    Above all, the coloring of the waist armor that sticks to the end when going to Yamashita emphasizes the form of polyhedrons by the gradation like a hardened wrought iron.


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