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UCI Leafa and Suguha 2-body set


Pre-painted Non Scale ATBC-PVC Complete Figure with base. Each character about 215mm tall
Please note that this item is subject to MOQ cancellation

Eligible Return Customers may Pre-Order this figure for Php 9,250 during the pre-order period.

Pre-order deadline:January 31, 2020
Release:June 2020
ETA:July 2020
Required down payment:Php 500 (eligible return customers: Php 0)
Full payment due:June 15, 2020

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From “Sword Art Online”, a set of two heroes’ sister-in-law “Naoto Kirigaya” and an avatar “Reefa” in ALO called
“Speedholic” appeared! “Naoki Kirigaya” is glamorous Reproduce the body line in school uniforms!
“Leafa” is reproduced with a love sword in hand and a long ponytail waving in the wind!
Please enjoy the spectacular appearance of the two bodies in a row.

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